The Itchy Pug

The itchy pug frequently suffers from dog allergies. Canine skin problems are common in the pug and pug crosses. Atopic dermatitis is a common problem in pugs. Food allergies are also common and must be ruled out with an elimination food trial.Food allergies can be suspected when your dog is scooting due to an itchy anus, rubbing the face on the ground after eating due to itchy lips or constant ear infections.

Flea control must be maintained to prevent scratching due to flea allergy.

Itching in the Pug may be due to canine atopic dermatitis. Canine atopy is an allergy to pollen, dust mites and household spores.

Until recently, it was thought that atopy in the dog was caused by breathing in allergens similar to “hay fever” in people. This is still partly true but the vast majority of allergens pass transdermally across the skin. This is because the dog with canine atopic dermatitis has a faulty skin barrier. The protective skin barrier is deficient in a protein called sphingosine and the skin becomes “leaky”. Pollen can pass across the skin barrier and water can excape through the skin. The skin loses moisture and becomes dry and scaley. The skin may flake “dandruff”. Pollen crosses the skin causing an allergic reaction which manifests as an itchy, red rash.

There are some natural treatments that really do work. It is best to seek a qualified opinion on natural treatments because many of them can actually do harm by damaging the skin barrier further. There is a lot of uninformed opinion that is promoting treatments that are unsatisfactory.

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About Dr Rob

We see itchy, scratching and miserable patients day in, day out at our veterinary clinic. We live in an area which has one of the highest year-round pollen counts in the world. As a result, there is plenty of hayfever for people, and plenty of itchy dogs! There is a lot of pressure on us to fix the dog from a single consult, so we do serious ongoing study into worlds-best-practice university research. If you don't like using drugs, or are unable to visit your veterinarian, we feel we have your perfect solution. Using the power of the internet, we can give you detailed information on treating your itchy scratching dogs at home! The cost of our 'consult' is much less than a veterinary consultation. What's more, you are able to refer back to our reliable information again and again. Why stress?
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