Itchy Dog Answers

The itchy dog causes can be simplified using age of onset and symptoms.

Canine skin problems can start early in life. If your dog has ear infections and an itchy bottom and is scooting and is less than three months of age, you need to be thinking food allergy.

If your dog is scratching the lower back and base of the tail, it is probably a flea allergy.

If your dog is developing bald patches that are not itchy, you need to think about Demodex mange.

If your dog is going bald and is so itchy that it scratches night and day, then you need to consider scabies which is sarcoptic mange. It needs to be differentiated from the red mange which is Demodeciosis or Demodex mange.

If your dog did not have any skin problems until eighteen months or a few years of age, you need to consider atopy or canine atopic dermatitis.

This is a simplified account but if you want a more detailed account, you could consider our home diagnosis manual

For a thorough account of treating the itchy dog, you need to consider our itchy dog bible


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We see itchy, scratching and miserable patients day in, day out at our veterinary clinic. We live in an area which has one of the highest year-round pollen counts in the world. As a result, there is plenty of hayfever for people, and plenty of itchy dogs! There is a lot of pressure on us to fix the dog from a single consult, so we do serious ongoing study into worlds-best-practice university research. If you don't like using drugs, or are unable to visit your veterinarian, we feel we have your perfect solution. Using the power of the internet, we can give you detailed information on treating your itchy scratching dogs at home! The cost of our 'consult' is much less than a veterinary consultation. What's more, you are able to refer back to our reliable information again and again. Why stress?
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