The Itchy Bulldog

The bulldog suffers terribly with skin disease. Severe infection often develops between the toes and the skin folds. This is due  to  skin disease that is caused from canine atopic dermatitis and from adverse food reactions due to food allergy. Ear problems are also a common feature.

If your bulldog suffers from skin problems from the day you get it as a puppy, a food allergy is a probability. A common history is skin rashes and itchy skin with repeated ear infections and an itchy anus from the first day you got the dog. An elimination food trial should be done. A detailed explanation can be found in our books.

If your bulldog seemed to be free of skin and ear problems in the first year of life but started around the age of 18 to 24 months,  atopic dermatitis is the likely cause. Atopy is an allergic reaction  to pollen, dust mite and household spores. Bulldogs with atopy have a defective skin barrier which has a deficient lipid layer. The protective skin barrier is missing a protein called sphingosine in the ceramide layer. This deficiency leads to water loss and desiccation of the skin and allows entry of allergens transdermally across the skin.

Dog allergies can be diagnosed and treated

Bulldogs also get terrible skin problems between their toes. Allergies in the bulldog can be seen as redness, inflammation, pruritis and infection between the toes. The dog licks and chews constantly at the feet. The hairs between the toes are very short and the inflammation and thickening of the skin leads to many ingrown hairs causing infection under the skin that weeps. This is actually called furunculosis of the skin and is often misdiagnosed as “cysts”.

Skin disease can be better managed using some natural treatments that are often overlooked.

Diagnosis is essential in management


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We see itchy, scratching and miserable patients day in, day out at our veterinary clinic. We live in an area which has one of the highest year-round pollen counts in the world. As a result, there is plenty of hayfever for people, and plenty of itchy dogs! There is a lot of pressure on us to fix the dog from a single consult, so we do serious ongoing study into worlds-best-practice university research. If you don't like using drugs, or are unable to visit your veterinarian, we feel we have your perfect solution. Using the power of the internet, we can give you detailed information on treating your itchy scratching dogs at home! The cost of our 'consult' is much less than a veterinary consultation. What's more, you are able to refer back to our reliable information again and again. Why stress?
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