Itchy Bull terrier

The itchy bull terrier suffers from many canine skin problems.

Demodex mange is common in young bull terriers. If your bull terrier has bald spots, Demodex mites may be the cause.

If your bull terrier is less than 6 months of age and very itchy, you should consider flea allergy. If your bull terrier is scooting and has ear problems and is less than 6 months of age, you should consider food allergy.

If your bullterrier didn’t have problems in the first year of life but now has terrible rashes in the groin, abdomen, axilla (arm pit) and licks the feet all the time and they are red and inflamed… probably has atopy also known as atopic dermatitis.

Bull terriers get swellings between the toes. Your vet may have called them cysts. This is actually a furunculosis. Furunculosis is severe infection of the skin and the deeper tissues of the dermis and subdermis. Pus build up under the skin and breaks out in a weeping sore. Chronic infection leads to scarring and the formation of “cysts”. Bull terriers with atopy commonly get furunculosis between the toes. The dog has chronic inflammation and because the hairs between tthe toes are very short, they are rubbed off with constant movement of the toes. As the hairs are rubbed away, the inflammation from the allergies clog the hair follicle. There is build up of pus in the deeper tissues like a pimple and this often ruptures under the skin. This infection breaks out through the skin and furunculosis has begun.

Over years, this chronic inflammation and infection turn into the cysts between the toes (actually furunculosis)

This can take surgery and months of antibiotics to cure…….and allergy control.

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