Home Remedies For Dogs

Home remedies for dogs that are reliable and from a credible source are almost impossible to find on the internet. “Treating the itchy, scratching dog the natural way” is the most thoroughly researched and factual information you will find on the internet. Home remedies for dogs and natural treatments are explained along with the method of action and the correct dose rates are given.

I have spent decades researching and treating dogs with allergic skin disease. My clients have been begging for natural treatments and home remedies for dogs as there seems to be a trend away from the use of antibiotics and steroids. By popular demand I have put together a concise and factual book about diagnosing your dogs’ skin problems, stopping the itch in 30 minutes using a therapy you can use in your own home, natural treatments and remedies that work as well as allergy avoidance and prevention.

There is plenty of background on the types of allergies and how to recognise the symptoms. You can learn how to diagnose what problem your dog has and then set about treating and managing the problem yourself.


About Dr Rob scratchingdoghelp.com

We see itchy, scratching and miserable patients day in, day out at our veterinary clinic. We live in an area which has one of the highest year-round pollen counts in the world. As a result, there is plenty of hayfever for people, and plenty of itchy dogs! There is a lot of pressure on us to fix the dog from a single consult, so we do serious ongoing study into worlds-best-practice university research. If you don't like using drugs, or are unable to visit your veterinarian, we feel we have your perfect solution. Using the power of the internet, we can give you detailed information on treating your itchy scratching dogs at home! The cost of our 'consult' is much less than a veterinary consultation. What's more, you are able to refer back to our reliable information again and again. Why stress?
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