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Satisfied customers, I want to thank you for the excellent advice in your books. Is your beloved pet dog chronically itchy? You Can Help Your Dog Stop Scratching Now…Without Drugs and Without Going to the Vet! See Treating the Itchy Scratching Dog the Natural Way at

Itchy dog satisfied customer

Here is a comment from a reader of our now famous itchy dog series on canine skin problems Absolutely fantastic books! After reading just two of your ebooks, Home Diagnosis Manual and  Treating the Itchy Scratchy Dog, my dog was … Continue reading

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Testimonial – Susie is scratching less and happy again.

My dog, Susie, is a Jack Russell Terrier, six years old in August of this year, and she has seasonal allergies. Every summer she gets a red, itchy rash that has baffled us as we searched for a remedy. Susie is scratching less, resting better and her tail is wagging once again. I have included pictures showing Susie’s progress the last three days. Continue reading

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