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About Us - treating itching and scratching dogs

Dr.Rob B.VSc.,B.Sc.,CMAVA is a well known and popular vet in the busy Western Australian town in which he lives and works.

While Dr. Rob has always treated itching and scratching dogs, his interest really took off after he moved to Western Australia to open his veterinary hospital nine years ago. To his surprise, a great percentage of his patients were itching and scratching dogs!

Dr. Rob's clinic is in one of the most pollinated areas in the world. The local area, while beautiful, is known to have one of the highest year-round pollen counts in the world. Allergies and therefore itching, scratching dogs are very common here. Non-pollen allergies are also present in the area of course! 

As a veterinary professional and hospital owner / manager, Dr Rob felt 'on notice' in his quest to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat his itchy patients!

Our local (and internationally known), U.S.- accredited veterinary training university has a special interest in allergy and itching, and scratching reactions within dogs. A few of the most motivated veterinarians meet with researchers monthly to discuss the latest international breakthroughs in treatment, and the outcomes of university research.

Dr. Rob has seen very many itching dogs and every type of animal owner, from the enthusiastic animal lover, to the harassed, exasperated and very UNhappy client that has tried every folk remedy under the sun, and has still failed to get the dog's itching and scratching under control. 

Over the years, he has seen a need for a simple, straightforward treatment plan that is cheap and most of all, EASY TO FOLLOW.

He has built a careful three-book system, that is designed to systematically tell you everything you need to know about your itching dog.

This three-book program is the program Dr. Rob advises his personal clients to follow.

Payment for these veterinary treatment programs is easy and above all safe, using the familiar and trusted Paypal system for credit card and bank transfer payments.  After payment, you will be returned to our website, to download your e-book via a safe PDF file. We recommend storing on your desktop for easy reference.

Testimonials from our well-loved clients over the years attest the safety and validity of Dr. Rob's veterinary advice.
We hope you benefit from visiting, and we look forward to assisting your pet to health and well-being.

If you want natural treatment, you will not find a more comprehensive system anywhere else - and that includes on the internet!