Is your beloved pet dog chronically itchy, a scratching dog?

You Can Help Your Scratching Dog Stop Now…Without Drugs and Without Going to the Vet!

Whatever your special breed, and whatever the cause of the terrible itching…

How do I know? Because I am a veterinarian doctor with 15 years of experience treating scratching dogs with chronically itchy skin.

Hi, I’m Dr Rob, the Itchy Dog Vet.

If your dog is itchy, follow my program for PROVEN natural treatment that WORKS!
have seen every type of dog itch under the sun, and every breed of dog that suffers from this unfortunate condition. Dog shampoo is not the cure… a natural treatment regime is.
If your dog is itchy, your vet can certainly help you. However, if you want natural treatment, you will not find a more comprehensive system anywhere else…and that includes on the internet!
Date: November 23rd, 2014
From: Dr Rob
I am a qualified veterinarian with an interest in dermatology, I have been helping people and their chronically itchy dogs for 15 years.
The amount of misinformation on the internet from hobbyists and breeders has shocked me into providing you with REAL and PRECISE information backed by evidence and research.
Follow my advice to help stop your chronically itchy dog from scratching…effectively, easily AND cheaply.
I have developed a cohesive natural therapies home program, a step-by-step instruction manual, to help you heal your dog and solve the itch.
If your dog is itchy and you wish to understand why…perhaps you don’t wish to visit the vet, or are looking for support between veterinary visits…My solution is world’s best veterinary practice via natural and dietary means!
Itchy pets deserve relief, and here it is…
Yours in health,
Dr Rob.B.VSc.,B.Sc.,CMAVA.
Dr Rob’s program has three parts:
1. Home Diagnosis Manual: Why is My Dog Itchy and Scratching?
Finding the cause of your dog’s chronic itching or dry skin conditions can be a huge relief for the concerned pet owner. Chronic itching is an unbearable condition, as we all instinctively know. Chronic itching, if unaddressed, may also lead to some important and dangerous health outcomes. This book is the first step in understanding itchy skin in dogs, including an introduction into healing the secondary skin infections that develop along the way.
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Why Is My Dog Itchy?

2. Treating the Itchy Scratching Dog the Natural Way
This book is the central plank in our carefully designed three-part series. This book arms you with a program to deal with chronic dog itching. No matter what your particular breed; no matter the particular cause. Treatment for chronic dog itching and itchy skin in dogs starts here. This book helps dog owners help their pet break the itch-scratch cycle and start to heal. Secondary infection is a usual complication of an itching condition – treating secondary infection responsibly is also addressed in this book.
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How Do I Help My Dog?

3. Treating Food Allergy in the Dog and Cat the Natural Way
This book deals with the final and very important aspect of correctly treating the itchy dog. Food allergy is an incredibly common condition in chronically itching dogs, and is also commonly present in dogs which also have other types of allergies. To treat the condition, and not just the symptoms, you need this book. The step-by-step instructions help you quickly and easily plan a food allergy trial, complete with trouble-shooting information. No matter what the breed, all owners of chronically itching dogs need this book!
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Vital for Long Term Treatment

But for the quick fix, we recommend…
Treating the itchy dogSM Home
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